Hi! My name is Michiel Kersteman and I'm all about embracing complex technologies and turning it into delightful, experience-driven products.

As Master student Integrated Product Design at TU Delft, I harmonise user experience design with engineering. I've had the privelege to design products close to factories in both China and India, and was able to mature meaningful concepts towards production. I'm not shy of electronics and love to fiddle around with them to build experiencable prototypes and verify my design ideas. Do you have the next challenge or adventure for me?

  • Product Design Internship
  • Sky worldwide export
  • 2012
  • Product Design Internship
  • 2015

Why the name?

I made quite a few attempts in teaching people to prounounce my name correctly, still with no success. Henceforth, Michi, my nickname and artist name.